Hunting lounge.. sunk in the grassland

Inspiring meetings… in the “sunken” hunting room.
The serene tranquillity that reigns at Mollenvlied makes it a magical place for inspiring meetings.
The characteristic hunting room is a great place to work together in a relaxed way, to talk to each other or to come to fresh insights. A special detail is that the hunting room is sunk into the ground, giving you a view over the grassy landscape. In a quiet, private atmosphere, meetings, (multi-day) training sessions, off sites, workshops, intervision and coaching conversations and other small-scale gatherings can be organised. Smaller groups up to about 14 people are suitable for the location.
Optional is the use of the 5 guest rooms (sub rooms), both for overnight stays and for meeting rooms.
In addition to the hunting room as a meeting room, optimal use can be made of the outdoors. Take a walk (with or without a guide) as part of the day programme and be inspired by the wooded nature and heathlands.

The rent of the meeting room annex hunting room is € 150 per part of the day (excl. 21% VAT). There are facilities available for use (included in the price), such as wifi, beamer, projection screen, flat screen (with hdmi cable) and flipchart (2x).
Feel free to contact us, so we can put together a meeting package, possibly including lunch, dinner and overnight stay. We are happy to provide a fully customized package.