An overview of our packages:
• Fizzy Midweek Package: Stimulate your senses! A 6-course dinner at restaurant Fizzy (in Epe, mentioned in the Michelin guide) in combination with 2 nights at B&B Mollenvlied for the price of 350 euros including luxury breakfast and transport to and from the restaurant. 2 persons.

• Midweek ‘cycling in the Veluwe’: 3 nights at B&B Mollenvlied for the price of 265 euros, including 2 electric bicycles (2 days) and including 3 times a luxury breakfast including breakfast. 2 persons.

• “Stillness arrangement” in the Veluwe! Time for “me-time”. Have you always wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days, but it just doesn’t happen? Are you looking for tranquility, a walk in nature, a few hours of quiet work in an inspiring environment, an extensive bath in the evening, a nice or inspiring meeting with one of the other guests? In some midweeks you can use our “silence arrangement”. Reserve a guest room for 2 nights for 155 euros (private bathroom with shower) or 195 euros (private bathroom with bath). A luxurious and healthy breakfast is served every morning. Options are cooking and eating together or planning a foot massage or reflexology session (not included in the price).